Good Knight

The T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas’ first and only pro sports venue, sits within The Strip as if it’s been there all along.

Washington Capitals fans at Game 5 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada


Since its completion in early 2016, the arena has housed concerts and performances from The Stones and the Billboard Music Awards to Mayweather vs. McGregor. Then came the Golden Knights, quickly captivating the city as they enjoyed a legendary trip through 29 other teams to the final for a chance to carry Frederick Stanley’s silver chalice. With their team own three games to one, what seemed like half the city took part in the outdoor screening that catered live music, food, and a view of what would be the final game in the series.

Las Vegas desert
The temperature on the day of Game 5 was a moderate 99°F/37°C.
T-Mobile arena

The game was thrilling to say the least. Plot twists like the tying-goal late in the third along with a few generous power play opportunities given up to the visiting squad made for an unfortunate outcome for the thousands of locals watching. Alex Ovechkin and company had finally won the cup.

Fans gathering

Fans celebrating

Fans with a blow up Stanley Cup

As the game ended, people scattered like cockroaches to leave behind enamored groups of celebrating Caps fans. Some bottles were thrown and a few fights scuffled only to be snuffed out by the patiently waiting and overly prepared LVPD. This city paid top dollar to get this team and for now it looks like it was a wise investment. Thank you, Knights.

Evening sky

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Words and Photos by Saeed Rahbaran